Farm Fresh Produce (pesticide free)

Farm fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs grown without pesticides in Northern Thailand

Banana, Monkey, กล้วยหอม, (pesticide-free), 450- 550g
Approximately 4-5 banana depending on the size and weight of the bananas.Product of Thailand ..
Beetroot, (pesticide-free), 500g,
Beetroot, (pesticide-free), 500g,Great for salads and juicing! Adds a vibrant color and is packed wi..
Asparagus, Medium, (Pesticide-free), 500g
Asparagus, Medium, (Pesticide-free), 500g..
Coriander, ผักชี (pesticide-free) 100g
Try an easy and delicious coriander pesto recipe below:Ingredients:1 bunch fresh, organic ..
Cucumber, Japanese, แตงกวาญี่ปุ่น (pesticide-free) 500g
Cucumber, Japanese, แตงกวาญี่ปุ่น (pesticide-free) 500gOrigin: Product of Thailand..
Galangal, ข่า (pesticide-free) 250g
Galangal, ข่า (pesticide-free) 250gOrigin: Product of Thailand..
Holy Basil, กระเพรา (pesticide-free) 100g
Holy Basil, กระเพรา (pesticide-free) 100gOrigin: Thailand..
Juliet organic apple ( imported) 100% France
Juliet organic apple  ( France) 4 apple x 1 pack 100% France imported EU organic..
Lemongrass, ตะไคร้ (pesticide-free) 250g
Lemongrass, ตะไคร้ (pesticide-free) 250gLemongrass is spicy and bitter and used for seasoning the Th..
Lime มะนาว, (pesticide free), Seedless 1pc
This incredible citrus fruit may seem pretty ordinary, but it’s actually a powerhouse of nutrition...
Mint, Fresh, ใบสาระแหน่ (pesticide-free) 100g
Mint, Fresh, ใบสาระแหน่ (pesticide-free) 100gOrigin: Thailand..
Onion, Yellow, (pesticide free) หัวหอมใหญ่, 500g
Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of plant foods like onions decreases the ri..
Organic Apple , Juliet (France import)
EU Organic Certified Organic Juliet Apple 4 apple in 1 packing. (THB 280) Limited qua..
Papaya, Holland, Ripe, มะละกอสุก (pesticide-free) 1 kg
Papaya, Holland, Ripe, มะละกอสุก (pesticide-free) 1 kgPapayas offer not only the luscious taste and ..
Pineapple, Phulae สับปะรด (pesticide-free) 1 kg
Phulae pineapple is from Chiangrai within Thailand. It is smaller than the regular pineapple and is ..
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