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EU Organic Certified

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Finest Selection contains a combination of herbs and spices, which have been used for centuries in India to support the body by adjusting the fire and air energies. Support yourself each day by making Yogi Tea a regular part of your diet. Yogi Tea is also a great companion for diets or fasts.

Our Finest Selection contains 3 bags of each: Classic · Ginger Lemon · Women’s Balance · Green Tea Matcha Lemon · Licorice · Turmeric Chai



Classic – Ayurvedic Spice Infusion Ingredients: Cinnamon* (50%), cardamom* (15%), ginger* (15%), cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*.

Ginger Lemon – Ayurvedic Herb, Spice & Fruit InfusionIngredients: Ginger* (43%), liquorice*, lemon grass*, black pepper*, lemon peel* (4%), peppermint* (4%), lemon oil* (3%), hibiscus*, dried lemon juice* (2%).

Women’s Balance – Ayurvedic Herb & Spice Infusion Ingredients: Raspberry leaves* (35%), liquorice*, lemon verbena* (13%), cinnamon*, lemon balm*, ginger*, thyme*, lavender flowers*, oregano*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cloves*.


Green Tea Matcha Lemon – Green Tea with Matcha, Herbs & Citrus Ingredients: Green tea* (Tencha* 43%, Sencha* 10%, Matcha* 2%), lime* (9%), liquorice*, lemon grass* (9%), peppermint*, black pepper*, dried lemon juice* (3%), guarana*, lemon oil*, lemon verbena*, lemon peel*, ginger*.

Licorice – Ayurvedic Spice Infusion Ingredients: Liquorice* (38%), cinnamon* (32%), orange peel* (8%), ginger* (5%), cardamom* (4%), roasted chicory*, cloves*, orange oil*, black pepper*, vanilla extract*.


Turmeric Chai – Ayurvedic Turmeric, Herb & Spice InfusionIngredients: Turmeric root* (55%), cinnamon* (14%), liquorice*, ginger* (7%), cardamom* (3%), black pepper*, apple*, fennel*, mace*, cocoa shells*, cloves*.

The indicated * ingredients are certified organic.

Origin: Europe


Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

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