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Crispy farm was created for health-conscious people. Unhealthy food can do more harm to one’s health, therefore, we have developed products with 100% sweet potatoes (packed with its nutrients) and chose the best method to transform them into delicious crisps.  The most common way to make chips is to “deep fry” so, when a product is deep fried with such high temperature (anything above 120 Celsius) a chemical substance called Acrylamide is formed. Laboratory tests have shown that Acrylamide is a potential cancer-causing ingredient.  Due to this research, Crispy farm has come up with an idea of frying them under low temperature (called vacuum fry). Our products use Rice Bran oil and we vacuum fry between 80-99 Celsius. Our final product was then sent to the Lab for testing for Acrylamide and there is none in our sweet potato crisps. Available in two flavours, Purple Sweet Potato or Mixed Sweet Potato.

Origin: Thailand

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