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**For fresh harvest, please allow for a few days**

Spirulina is a single celled, fresh water algae, aprox. 0,1 mm in size, that has been consumed by humans and animals for centuries. Spirulina grows by cell splitting through photosynthesis absorbing sunlight and CO2.

Skyline’s Spirulina is cultivated in covered, fresh (alkaline) water-tanks. The condition of salinity and pH level ensures crop hygiene, for very few other microorganisms are capable of surviving in such conditions.

Covered water tanks also reduce contamination through heavy metals and other organic matter. Some of the many nutritional advantages of Spirulina are a low calorie-protein ratio and high content of :

  • Vegetarian protein (up to 60 – 70%)
  • Iron
  • Vitamins, A, B complex, C, D & K
  • Antioxidants and minerals

Pregnant Women: boost in energy and overall well being

Vegetarians/Vegans: increase plant protein in diet.

Body builder: High quality vegetable protein with low calories

Health & Beauty conscious: high content of Vitamin B complex & anti-oxidants. Nutritional and dermatological application

Spirulina has no flavor or odor and can be added to anything you eat according your individual liking. Some ideas for consumption:

Morning Booster1 ripe, medium seize Banana, cut in pieces, frozen20cl pasteurized milk15g fresh Spirulina pastePlace all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth!

Power lunch1 cup of instant soup or home made soup10g Spirulina paste

Heat soup and add Spirulina paste to it!

Its as simple as that!

Note: Do not heat Spirulina in microwave as this diminishes the nutritional value of it.

Origin: Thailand

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