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Based on probiotic principles rather than the concept of anti-bacterial agents, beneficial microflora combine with antioxidant fruit enzymes and naturally occurring saponin from soap nuts to form a synergistic “brew” which removes grease & grime as well as bad odour on pots, pans, bottles, glasses and other utensils. No fragrances added.

Ingredients: Soapnut (spindus emarginatus), Kaffir Lime (citrus hystrix), Galanga (alpinia officinarum), Lemon Grass (cymbopogon citratus), Tumeric (Curcuma longa syn. C. domestica) Pineapple (Ananas comosus), Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica),Laurel Leaf (ficus mircrocarpa), Artesian Spring Water and Effective Microorganism (lactobacillus casei, rhodopseudomonas palustris, saccharomyces cerevisiae).

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