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Erythritol, Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener, Non GMO, 500g

Erythritol is a guilt-free, sugar-substitute, which has zero calories, zero net carb and health benefits. This product is now POWDERED, so that it is much easily dissolved in water, hot beverage, shakes and so on. This makes your baked goods taste much better because it binds with wet ingredients much better, allowing even distribution.

• Fermented – it is made by fermenting the natural sugar found in non-GMO corn.
• Heat stable up to 160 degrees C. Substitute sugar with erythritol in your cooking!
• Non-caloric – While most sugar alcohols are low calorie, erythritol has zero calories.
• Non-glycemic - Does not raise blood sugar – erythritol is considered suitable for people with diabetes because it does not raise plasma glucose or insulin levels.
• The easiest sugar alcohol to digest – more than 90% of erythritol is absorbed in the small intestine, so minimal amounts reach the colon where other sugar alcohols end up causing diarrhea and other symptoms. Studies have shown that erythritol is even easier to digest than xylitol.
• Noncarcinogenic– studies have shown that erythritol, like xylitol, does not have carcinogenic properties.
• An antioxidant – erythritol helps to fight free radicals, responsible for the aging process. It is considered to be even more efficient than other sugar alcohols because it is so readily absorbed and yet not metabolized (it is excreted unchanged).

How to use 

Like sugar. However, it is less sweet than sucrose. If you are used to taking a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, then just take a heaping teaspoonful, just a bit more than you used to take, and try it. If you do not like the cooling after taste, you can also try our xylitol instead, or mix 50:50 in your cooking, especially if you want to bake something. Or try Keto Sweet, which includes monk fruit extract.

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