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Moringa was well known in ancient medicine, and is still extensively used throughout Asia as treatment for over 300 different health conditions. Our organic moringa is a potent energy booster, great for increasing endurance and mental alertness. Or in a true adaptogen fashion, it can calm the nervous system. Moringa also lowers blood pressure, blood sugar levels and inflammation.


  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: Moringa leaves contain essential vitamins and all the minerals found in meat.  Our freeze dried moringa leaves provide:
    • 10 x more Vitamin A than carrots
    • 7 x vitamin C in oranges
    • 17 x calcium than milk
    • 9 x the protein of yogurt
    • 15 x the potassium of bananas
    • 25 x the iron from spinach
  • BLOOD PRESSURE and BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL:  Moringa is used for reducing high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels which makes it helpful for diabetics
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Moringa has anti-inflammatory qualities that make it helpful for those suffering from inflammation in joints, muscles and throughout the body.
  • RELAXANT: Moringa has a calming effect on the nervous system
  • ENERGY: Being an adaptogen, moringa can provide an energy boost and increase mental alertness in those struggling with fatigue, or engaged in rigorous exercise program.
  • FREEZE DRIED: Our organic Moringa is pure and freeze dried for maximum efficacy, ensuring pharmacologically active properties are protected, and the product is easily digested. Excessive heat denaturizes live enzymes and destroys vital chemical compounds found in the leaves and seeds. Our Moringa has not been been subjected to any heat during the drying process or any means of mechanical grinding to further increase its medicinal properties.

This organic product carries a full Thai FDA approval and is produced locally in Thailand to a very high Export standard.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day morning or evening after meal

Ailments: malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, chronic fatigue, anxiety

Ingredients: organic moringa, vegan capsule and nothing else

Moringa powder  330mg

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