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What we Believe

Given the opportunities to learn about food safety and quality, and an understanding of general standard of food products available to the masses in Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, we set out to spread knowledge on the importance of consuming safe and quality foods while making them accessible to general public. With that, Radiance Wholefoods was born in 2011, becoming one of the earliest organic grocery store in Bangkok, providing organic and natural products to our lovely neighbourhood.

Having begun as a small shop, we have recently settled down with our retail shop at Sukhumvit 49.

We greatly appreciate the encouraging support of our customers, especially done through online orders, that allowed us to achieve this. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Radiance Wholefoods yearn for a healthy living, and therefore strive to make consumption of safe and quality food possible in daily lifestyle.

What we Do

Grocery stores were everywhere, but they continued selling inorganic products. We started selling organic vegetables in Bangkok to check the audience response. As a direct result of our seriousness in healthy living, we conduct a very strict product sourcing to ensure our customers are served only reliable products of highest quality and value.In addition to authenticating organic certificates and other supporting documents, a thorough visit to suppliers are conducted to ensure products are produced through sustainable means.

In 2022, “Radiance Recommended” will be introduced for all sources that have gone through the process, in hope of giving our customers boosted confidence with product quality at Radiance Wholefoods store in Bangkok. One of our customers quoted that "Radiance wholefoods organic store is the best shop near me".

We hope by doing what we do, our valued customers, suppliers, and the communities can benefit themselves while also create a positive impact for a healthier society.

What we Support

We believe looking after social and environment wellbeing is necessary through our operations.At Radiance Wholefoods, we prioritise sourcing from fellow Thailand farmers and SMEs to support local communities. We work with people who are passionate about making a positive social and environmental impact. Reducing wastes is also at the core of our operations, especially in terms of plastics usage for packaging. Customers are encouraged to reuse packing materials whenever possible. Currently, our retail shop in Sukhumvit 49 offer the refill station to customer. Customer can refill personal care, household care, spice, grains & seeds and many more will come soon.